Life Is Better With A Long Creek Doodle

chocolate labradoodle mom cocoa, non shedding, hypoallergenic, multi-generation Australian doodle.

About Us


Long Creek Labradoodles is a family owned business located in Eastern North Carolina. We are a family of 5 that have been breeding Australian Labradoodles for 8 years. We have grown a lot in this business and learned a lot along the way.  We have 4 generations from the same bloodline (some retired) on site at our home. We take pride in healthy breeding and providing care before and after the puppies arrive.

All of our breeder dogs are on site. They are not just “breeding” dogs to us. These dogs are our family, as well as the offspring they produce. Our males and females are all genetically tested for the Australian labradoodle disease panels through Paw Print Genetics as well as any other mutations that can cause throughout the bloodlines.  We want to ensure that we are sending you the healthiest pet along with peace of mind with your investment.  With that being said, when you come to Long Creek Labradoodles, we have our paperwork to back it up!!

New Puppies Have Arrived

We have Mini Multi-generation Australian Labradoodles born 9/15/18 now accepting deposits!!  

We have  standard Australian Labradoodles F3bb born 9/25/18  now accepting deposits!

Be In The Know

Want to know how happy our pet owners are?  Here are some comments from our puppy families so you can do just that!  See how smart, and beautiful these pups are as they grow and get an idea of what your Labradoodle may look like!  

Real Stories From Our Puppy Owners

Picking A Puppy

The amount of our non refundable deposit is $200.  The deposit is paid via PayPal.  The puppies are picked in order of deposit if there is a preference of sex and color.   Our puppies can be visited after 4 weeks of age.  Families that need help picking a certain temperament may have to wait until personalities start to develop, usually 5 weeks we have an idea.  We are here to help so feel free to call, email, or message us on Facebook!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When can my puppy go home?
  • When do I need to make a vet appointment?
  • What do I need to buy for my puppy?
  • What training does my puppy have?
  • Can my puppy be around other dogs?
  • How do I help my puppy transition from mom to me?